Is the Trailer for Transformers 3 really out??

Report by Irfan for ByteloveBlogs

The 3rd and latest installment in the upcoming Transformers franchise directed by Michael Bay is currently in production. Expected to hit the big screens somewhere in the mid 2011, this film is already generating a lot of interest in the virtual world. People all around are taking advantage of this curiosity to generate clicks for their videos and blogs .

One of the leading search keyword for the TF fraternity is "Transformers 3 Trailer". People have wasted no time in capitalizing this opportunity. If you were to do a search with the above keyword on youtube, be sure to expect a lot of results; or mis-results so to speak 😉

Transformers 3 Trailer is still not released on the Transformers official website. The so-called ‘TRAILER’ or ‘TEASER’ for Transformers 3 is just another way for people to have some fun or generate more clicks for their youtube channel or both. In any case we do not get to see the Transformers 3 Trailer 😦

Initially I was really pissed when I browsed thru many irrelevant videos with the title ‘Transformers 3 Trailer’. But once I let my guard down I was able to draw some humor out if it!

I am uploading some of the amusing (and irritating) videos posted by users in the name of Transformers 3 Trailer.
Have fun or enjoy abusing!!!











~ by ByteloveBlogs on July 13, 2010.

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